Is It Possible to Develop Safe Digital Infrastructure in an Age of Global Cyberthreats?

Is It Possible to Develop Safe Digital Infrastructure in an Age of Global Cyberthreats?

3 June, 10:00–11:30

Offences committed in the global information space affect a wide range of interests, have no physical boundaries, and pose a general threat. Terrorist and extremist crimes where cyber tools play a role are becoming more frequent. How can we ensure the safety of information space? What is required for building a robust cybersecurity infrastructure?


Key moments

I think we should be more courageous about discussing our issues, avoid sweeping them under the rug, and raise them before the decision-makers.
Stanislav Kuznetsov
Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, Sberbank
A balance must be maintained between the national security measures undertaken in various jurisdictions and preservation of the Internet’s cross-border nature.
Sergei Plugotarenko
Director, Russian Association for Electronic Communications (RAEC)
ENG Sergey Grebennikov, Director, Center for Internet Technologies (ROCIT) We must right now change the Internet users’ attitude towards their actions online.
Sergey Grebennikov
Director, Center for Internet Technologies (ROCIT)
Cybersecurity is not an IT issue, it is a corporate issue. It is on the level of the boardroom, it is on the national level of countries
Kyriakos Kokkinos
Executive Director, Partner, IBM Europe; Member of the Board of Directors, Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency
We should actually look at failures, because it helps us to fix problems that we face.
R. Preston McAfee
Corporate Vice President, Chief Economist, Microsoft
Benefits of a digital economy must be the topic in the boardroom. Cyber threats and security also must be a topic in the boardroom.
Scott Overson
General Manager, Industry Solutions Group EMEA, Intel Corporation
We cannot fight cybercrime with technology if the legislative bodies and the business community share a common history with cybercrimes.
Ilya Sachkov
Founder, General Director, Group-IB
It is impossible to investigate or hold perpetrators accountable without people from different countries involved in doing so over the Internet trusting each other. Is worldwide cybersecurity possible? I think the answer should undoubtedly be affirmative, but not without our joint efforts.
Michael Yakushev
Vice-President of Stakeholder Engagement, Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia, ICANN