Russia’s Regions: An Investor’s View

Russia’s Regions: An Investor’s View

3 June, 10:00–11:15

In his annual address to the Federal Assembly on December 1, 2016, the President of the Russian Federation set representatives the task of ensuring that a uniformly high-quality business environment was established in all of Russia’s regions. This discussion will focus on problems encountered by Russian and foreign investors in Russia’s regions, factors influencing decisions about investment in Russia’s regions, and weak spots in development and possible ways to improve them. Plans for the session include a review of the results of a ‘mystery shopper’ assessment by the non-profit organization Leaders’ Club of the quality of regional institutions’ work in attracting investment and supporting business, as well as of the state of existing development zones (industrial parks, business incubators, etc.). What are the problems encountered by investors in Russia’s regions? What proposals are entrepreneurs able to offer for improving regional infrastructure to better support business?


Key moments

Business does intend to invest.
Alexandr Kalinin
The quality of work with investors in the regions is the key issue.
Alexandr Kalinin
Franchising drives the development of small and medium-sized business.
Agnessa Osipova
President, Russian Franchise Association (RFA); President, Baskin Robbins Production International
Today, investing in Russia is very trendy. Any Russian asset is super-attractive for investment.
Andrei Belousov
Aide to the President of the Russian Federation
Our key task is to attract extra-budgetary investment in order to minimize government spending and to attract the maximum possible volume of monies from the market.
Sergei Kelbakh
Chairman of the Board, State Company Russian Highways
Today, investors are chasing projects that are structured, packaged, figured-out, and have clear financial parameters. The organisational and legal elements and risk assessment, including the risk of the executive authorities intervention, are also important.
Sergei Kelbakh
Chairman of the Board, State Company Russian Highways
Foreign investors mostly trust not the governor, but those who have already arrived and are working ‘on the ground’.
Nikolay Lubimov
Acting Governor of Ryazan Oblast
Fighting corruption is very important. A foreign investor will never invest money in regions where corruption exists.
Philippe Pegorier
President, Alstom Russia; Member of the Board, Association of European Businesses (AEB)