Business programme

Innovation as a Driver of International Cooperation in the Space Sector

05 Jun , 12:00–13:15
Joining Forces to Advance Development
Congress Centre, conference hall B2

A large number of states now have access to innovative space technologies. The cosmos, however, is clearly too massive for any one country to manage, and it is only by joining forces and sharing knowledge that we can achieve truly groundbreaking results. In view of the global competition and fragmented resources that have characterized the last decade, it is only through mutually beneficial international partnership that large-scale innovative projects in the space sector can be selected, implemented and promoted to the space services market. This brings a number of issues to light. How can lasting international cooperation in innovative space technologies be established? What measures can be taken to drive innovation in knowledge-intensive industries in the interests of furthering national economic evolution? What are the barriers to the development of international cooperation in innovative space technologies, and how can new solutions be found?

Nikolay Sevastyanov, General Designer, Gazprom Space Systems

Ashot Bakunts, Regional Director, Thales Alenia Space Russia
Dmitry Rogozin, Director General, State Space Corporation ROSCOSMOS
Igor Snegurov, Chairman of the Board of Directors, VIS Group
Vladimir Terekhov, Head of Space Division in Russia, Airbus
Petr Fradkov, Chairman, Promsvyazbank