Creative Business Forum

Supporting Young Talent is the Foundation for the Future of the Creative Economy

02 Jun , 12:15–13:45
Creative Business Forum
Panel Session
Pavilion G, Passage Hall
In partnership with the Art, Science, and Sport Foundation

Creative entrepreneurs are people who build a creative economy. The most outstanding ones are not only famous worldwide, but are also capable of single-handedly making a significant contribution to the GDP of individual cities and countries. Back in the day, the Beatles’ music spurred growth in the British music industry as a key clog in the global export of creative products and services. J.K. Rowling’s works went beyond book publishing and laid the foundation for a global creative corporation. However, for new superstars to light up the sky of the creative economy, talent must be created and supported from their first steps until they enter the international arena. How can we create an effective system to search for talent? Which educational system will help to grow specialists for creative business? How can we create a comfortable and safe environment not only for success, but for experiments and possible failures? How can we produce the future stars of the creative industries?

Yuliana Slashcheva, Chairman of the Management Board, Soyuzmultfilm Film Studio; General Director, Gorky Film Studio; Chairman of the Management Board, Russian Animated Film Association

Timur Bekmambetov, Director, Producer, Screenwriter; Founder, Bazelevs
Konstantin Bogomolov, Art Director, Moscow Drama Theatre on Malaya Bronnaya
Borislav Volodin, Director, National Open Championship of Creative Competencies Art Masters
Maxim Dreval, General Director, Russian "Znanie" Society
Fatima Mukhomedzhan, Director, The Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation
Sergey Novikov, Chief of the Presidential Directorate for Social Projects
Nataliya Fishman, Assistant to the President of the Republic of Tatarstan

Front row participants
Ekaterina Gayka, Head, Agency for Creative Industries
Daria Reshke, Head of Content Bureau, Snob Media LLC