Creative Business Forum

Prehistoric People in the Digital World: Creativity, Content, and Artificial Intelligence

02 Jun , 14:30–16:00
Creative Business Forum
Pavilion G, conference hall G5
In partnership with Russian Media Group

Walter Benjamin wrote: “That which withers in the age of mechanical reproduction is the aura of the work of art.” In the era of digitalization, the actual process of creativity is losing its aura. Robots paint pictures. Artificial intelligence composes music. Virtual theatres and museums have appeared in Minecraft. In February 2021, the artist Beeple’s collage sold as a non-fungible token for nearly $70 million in London. The pandemic has resulted in digital technologies penetrating all facets of creativity and radically changes to the industry, creative processes, and consumers. How does digital technology affect consumer preferences? What content format is becoming the most popular in the era of digital ecosystems? Can digital art replace real art? Will the works of the digital world become more popular than the paintings of great artists? Can artificial intelligence take the place of famous artists, performers, and writers? What kind of society is it where people are engineers and programmers, and creators are computer programmes?

Olga Dvoretskaya, Founder, Disartive Digital Art&Tech Fair 2021

Gleb Kostarev, Director of Russia and CIS, Binance
Dmitriy Ozerkov, Art Critic; Head of the Department of Contemporary Art, Curator of French Engravings of the 15th-18th Centuries, the State Hermitage Museum; Curator of the Exhibition "Jake and Dinos Chapman: The End of Fun"; Commissioner of the "Manifesto 10" Exhibition
Ilya Popov, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Riki Group; President, Association of the Animation Film, Russia
David Parrish, Creative and Digital Entrepreneurship Expert (online)
Oleg Soroko, Crypto-artist
Alexander Us, Founder, Sila Sveta
Olga Filipuk, Content Director for Mediaservices, Yandex
Kirill Chiryasov, Deputy General Director for Digital Technologies, Director of the Digital Technologies Department, Russian Media Group
Arman Yahin, Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Main Road Post