Drug Security Forum

How Will the COVID-19 Pandemic Change the Development Path of the Global Pharma Market? Events, Investments, and Trends

02 Jun , 14:30–16:00
Drug Security Forum
Panel Session
Pavilion G, conference hall G7

Responses to the COVID-19 pandemic must be based on solidarity and cooperation among countries, societies, and industries. The pharma industry has come to stand at the centre of a large-scale transformation of global economies and healthcare. Companies all over the world have turned their resources to developing a vaccine against the new virus, while continuing to respond to the growing needs of the healthcare system and patients. The expansion of production capacity has become one of the first steps taken by pharmaceutical manufacturers in response to the challenges of the pandemic. Taking into account the new environment, the innovative pharma industry advocates that governments of all countries should focus on constantly promoting open trade, as well as on strengthening and diversifying supply chains. The experience of designing COVID-19 drugs and vaccines has shown that the processes of drug development and commercialization can be significantly expedited without compromising safety. Today, the focus is shifting to recovery in the COVID 19 aftermath, and to strengthening the ability of the healthcare system to withstand future challenges. The pharma industry will naturally be at the forefront of these efforts. What lessons can the pharmaceutical market learn from the pandemic and lockdowns, and how is the pharma industry adapting to the global healthcare transformation? Was the revision of existing industry growth programmes sufficiently thorough, and what development priorities are coming to the fore? How did the economics of the global pharmaceutical market change under the pandemic? Will the pandemic affect the industry’s attractiveness to investors, both in Russia and across the globe? Will there be an intra-industry redirection of investment flows? How well did the drug supply system in Russia function during the pandemic, given the global context? What role might innovative pharma players have in ensuring that the key needs of the healthcare system are met in the new reality?

Dmitry Khalilov, Partner, Life Sciences & Health Leader, Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe & Central Asia, EY

Sergey Glagolev, Deputy Minister of Health of the Russian Federation
Vitaly Dembrovsky, Director of Corporate Affairs for Healthcare and Public Health, Russia and Eurasia, AstraZeneca
Vadim Kukava, Executive Director, The Association of Pharmaceutical Companies «Innovative Pharma»
Alexey Repik, Chairman, Delovaya Rossiya (Business Russia); Chairman of the Board, Group R-Pharm
Alla Samoylova, Head, Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare (Roszdravnadzor)
Vladimir Shipkov, Executive Director, Association of International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (AIPM)
Lyudmila Scherbakova, President, Bright Way Group

Front row participant
Kamil Saytkulov, Head of Communications and Government Affairs, GSK Russia