Healthy Life

Vitamin and Dietary Supplements Market: Russia Keeping Up with Global Trends

02 Jun , 10:00–11:15
‘Healthy Life’ Programme
Panel session
Pavilion F, Healthy Life Area
Session sponsored by RBC

The issue of the conscious intake of vitamins and bioactive supplements has long been raised by both the medical community and the manufacturers of these drugs, who value their reputation and promote the idea of smart consumption. The coronavirus pandemic has served as sort of catalyst for this process, since many countries at the national level have realized the need for the vitamin fortification of the population.
Russia is no exception. Doctors share the opinion that the proper intake of vitamins and dietary supplements has a positive effect on the overall strengthening of a person’s immunity. Consumers’ attitude towards dietary supplements has also changed; polling has recorded increased consumer confidence in this group of drugs. The vitamin and mineral products market reacted instantly to the global trend: demand increased by 40% in 2020, as the market was worth around RUB 56 billion. This year, the situation is repeating itself. In January 2021, sales of vitamins and dietary supplements increased by 50% compared with last January.
The time has now come to think about how to fortify the population with vitamins. Is there a need for government policy with strict quality standards? Can we utilize the experience of the Soviet Union, where this work was carried out on a systematic basis? Who should think about the vitamin consumption culture and how? What steps should be taken to improve awareness-raising among the population on the proper intake of vitamins and dietary supplements?

Discussion topics:
• Global trends in vitamin fortification: is Russia keeping up?
• Growth in vitamin and dietary supplement sales in Russia and around the world – is this a global trend or a consequence of the pandemic?
• Whose job is it to enhance the culture of vitamin consumption?
• How can we ensure the availability of the highest quality vitamins and dietary supplements for the Russian market?