Innovation space

Real-life IT Innovations in Large Companies

03 Jun , 11:45–12:45
Pavilion G, Innovation Space
In partnership with 1С company

In 2020, the IT sector demonstrated its ability to swiftly adapt to external changes, and for many large organizations, the implementation of modern IT solutions proved crucial to ensuring business as usual.
During this roundtable, experts will discuss innovations in the IT sector which have helped to solve real strategic challenges linked to the digital transformation of businesses and have responded to external challenges during the pandemic in a timely manner. In particular, this includes the practice of using cloud technologies, artificial intelligence, machine vision and digital twin production.
Business representatives from various sectors will analyse real-life applications of innovative technology in the public sector, industry

Boris Nuraliev, Founder, Director, 1C

Evgenii Abakumov, It Director, ROSATOM
Anton Dumin, Director of the Directorate for Information Technologies, Automation and Telecommunications, Gazprom Neft (online)
Zoya Kaika, Deputy Director General, SOLLERS
Eduard Lysenko, Minister of the Government of Moscow, Head of the Department of Information Technologies of Moscow
Anatoliy Ushakov, IT Director, TMH