Press event programme

Almaz–Antey Air and Space Defence Corporation and Far Eastern Federal University

03 Jun , 13:10–13:30
Agreement Signing Ceremony
Pavilion H, press hall H3

The subject of the agreement is the organization of interaction between the parties aimed at creating a modern effective system for training healthcare professionals, an effective innovative system of continuous professional education (training of highly qualified personnel and additional professional education), implementing innovative projects based on the integration of scientific, educational and innovative potential through the use of modern technical advances in telemedicine – the organization of remote lectures, seminars and workshops in the operating theatres of leading surgeons, webinars with full multi-user access using video conferencing, the development and production of new medical equipment and technologies.

Representatives of the parties signing the agreement
Nikita Anisimov, Rector, Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU)
Mikhail Podviaznikov, head of the north-western regional centre, deputy CEO, Almaz–Antey Air and Space Defence Corporation