Exhibitors 2022

Association of Innovative Regions of Russia

The AIRR acts as a mediator for effective economic cooperation between member regions, with the association representing their interests at an interregional, national, and international level.

The AIRR incorporates 17 regions of Russia: the Republic of Bashkortostan, the Republic of Mordovia, the Republic of Tatarstan, the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Altai Territory, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Perm Territory, Irkutsk Region, Kaluga Region, Lipetsk Region, Nizhny Novgorod Region, Novgorod Region, Novosibirsk Region, Samara Region, Tomsk Region, Tyumen Region, and Ulyanovsk Region.

The association provides a range of analytical services for the Forum. These include a rating of Russia’s regions (SMART), a rating of media activity and the workforce’s access to the innovation economy (STEM) in each region, national reports, monitoring of anti-crisis support for SMEs in the regions, monitoring of the efficiency assessment system for innovations at companies, and more. In addition, best regional practices by AIRR members will be presented at the event.

The AIRR stand will see a number of cooperation agreements signed. These will cover economic partnerships and territorial development. The association will also hold several closed meetings with representatives of relevant government agencies and ministries.

Astrakhan Region

Astrakhan Region is the only region connecting the territory of the Russian Federation through a network of waterways and overland routes to the Middle East, Central Asia, and Asia.

The geographical location in the Volga River Delta, at the crossroads of the North-South and West-East international transport corridors determines the key role in shaping and implementing policy in the Caspian Region, including the development of unique mineral and biological resources, environmental protection, transport capacity, interregional cooperation, and security.

One of the drivers of the Astrakhan Region's economy in the coming years will be the implementation of the Lotos Special Economic Zone project that has been formed into a Caspian cluster as part of the development of international transport corridors.

The main goal of forming the cluster is to increase the level of socio-economic development of the region through the creation of high-tech industries with high added value.

The implementation of this large-scale project is also linked to the development of the region's petrochemical cluster.

The exhibition will showcase the realization of the Astrakhan region’s potential.

Belgorod Region

Belgorod Region – A Place of New Opportunities is the slogan for the region’s stand at the exhibition.

It embodies the idea that Belgorod Region offers a wealth of opportunities, both for businesses, and for people. It is a place where people want to live, work, and unwind.

Visitors will have the chance to learn key information about the region, as well as about its economic growth, contribution to national projects, social development, human capital, and successful initiatives. All this will be presented using AR technology.

Investors will also benefit from an interactive map of the region displaying its top 10 investment sites and industrial parks, as well as the Gubkin advanced special economic zone, all while detailing the infrastructure which has been put in place. This will help investors choose a site and learn more about its infrastructure, and about available forms of support.

The stand will also feature a “space lilac”, a unique project by Innovative Solutions in Agriculture – a world-class science and education centre. The launch of micropropagation on an automated space flight will help in efforts to study the behaviour of plants from Belgorod State University, home to the largest lilac nursery in Russia.

GREATER SIBERIA Constituent Territories of the Siberian Federal District

At the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum the regions of the Siberian Federal District, members of the Siberian Accord (an Interregional Association of Economic Cooperation between the Constituent Territories of the Russian Federation) are once again united under the common brand: Greater Siberia.

This is not accidental: the regions of the Siberian Federal District have significant natural, industrial, human, and scientific potential.

Under current circumstances where business processes recalibrate to the East, Siberia’s geographical position is an unconditional advantage.

It is important for our country to fulfil these opportunities: to direct financial flows to the Greater Siberia to create new import-substituting production facilities, to promote the expansion of entrepreneurial initiative and the formation of advanced production competencies. All this should contribute to achieving the main goal: ensuring a high quality of life for Russians.

The Big Siberia portfolio includes 232 investment projects worth a total of RUB 5.5 trillion, which will create 224,000 high-tech and well-paid jobs.

They cover more than 20 economic spheres and envisage the strengthening of the country's food security, accelerated development of the national transport and logistics system towards the East, the improvement of critical infrastructure, as well as the creation of import-substituting new generation production facilities.

Yenisey Siberia

The Krasnoyarsk Region is one of Siberia's richest regions. Its natural reserves and strong and competitive industrial potential are drivers of its rapid economic growth and the prerequisites for its high investment appeal. The Krasnoyarsk Region is part of Yenisey Siberia, which comprises three regions located on the banks of the Yenisey River: the Krasnoyarsk Region, the Republic of Khakassia, and the Tyva Republic. Yenisey Siberia is home to a unique countrywide integrated investment project that combines the resource, economic, and infrastructure potential of the regions. The Yenisey Siberia comprehensive investment project consists of 32 projects with a total investment value of over RUB 1.9 trillion. More than 60 companies – global industrial market leaders – are involved in the investment projects.

The comprehensive investment project is supported by the Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation, a regional development institution of the Krasnoyarsk Region, the Republic of Khakassia, and the Tyva Republic. The Development Corporation's tasks also include attracting new investment projects to the regions, creating mechanisms for cooperation between large investors and representatives of small and medium-sized businesses and academic institutions, conducting large-scale business projects, and promoting the Yenisey Siberia territorial brand at the federal and international levels.

The Krasnoyarsk Region, the Republic of Khakassia, and the Tuva Republic have all the necessary resources and capabilities to develop effective economic cooperation with foreign countries.

Kaluga Region
Kaluga Region’s stand is dedicated to technologies which are changing life for the better. It will organically incorporate authentic local art and innovations by leading companies in the region, as it showcases safe and efficient forms of urban transport, including the HoverBike aerotaxi, ergonomic and reliable DC stations for Pandora electric cars, and torchère-style air purifiers by Elmat. Visitors will be able to learn about infrastructure, logistics, and digital projects that Russia can be truly proud of. In addition, the stand will feature tech solutions from Laminam, VMK Invest, and a unique mosaic by outstanding artist Marco Bravura. As a result, guests will not only get to experience a range of products and developments in action, but also get to take a trip through the skies above Kaluga, visit a planetarium, and learn about the ancient culture of the region.
Moscow Tourism Committee

The Tourism Committee is the brand manager of the capital's hospitality industry. It implements legislative initiatives, stages business and entertainment events, promotes business and development projects, and works with tourism businesses in the capital and regions. The committee team collects and processes data on travellers, analyzes global trends, creates tourism development programmes, and supports young professionals working in the industry.

This year has set up a challenging, but interesting objective for the tourism industry in Moscow: to teach Russians to go on vacation not only to resorts, but also to Moscow, where opportunities for all types of tourism, including business, educational, medical, science, youth, sports, gastronomy, and many others, are accumulated.

At SPIEF 2022, Mosturizm will talk about the development of routes encompassing Russian regions, including Moscow; about Two Cities – a Million Impressions, the first joint tourism project of Moscow and St. Petersburg; about new features offered by the RUSSPASS, the most profitable service for travellers and tourism industry, and Discover Moscow, the official tourist website for visitors to Moscow. The talk will wrap up with a summary of how the industry is coping with the restrictions and what support the Moscow government is providing.

 +7 (495) 122-01-11

The Leningrad Region

The Leningrad Region stand at SPIEF will cover both the results of its socio-economic development and the region’s future plans. The main theme of the stand is green economy. As an advanced area in decarbonization and a leader of ESG Ranking of all Russia’s constituent territories, the Leningrad region will demonstrate its promising plans and developments in this direction.

The modern Leningrad region is an area with high social and economic indicators. Its initiatives and practical experience in various sectors are often praised at the federal level and replicated in other regions. Therefore, special attention will be paid to the work of Team 47. Additionally, a summary of the region's dynamic development over the last decade will be provided.

The Leningrad region's stand traditionally attracts many visitors. According to the approved exposition concept, the upwardly striving dynamic design reflects the growth and development of the region's economy. The design elements of the stand specifically include products from the region's companies, such as furniture and decorative panels.  

In the augmented reality photo area, everyone will be able to take a photo with the virtual governor. The interactive recreation area, The Forest, will provide an opportunity to regain strength and energy. It is a small, enclosed space of peace and tranquillity. Contemplation of nature tunes the brain to a calm α-rhythm, which facilitates informed decision-making.

Another place for informal socialising is the traditional Investbar, which features treats from local producers: tea, coffee, dairy products, and confectionery.


EMERCOM’s thematic stand will showcase exhibits of state-of-the-art rescue equipment and clothing used in the Arctic region for rescue missions and diving operations.

The business programme will include a panel session entitled “The Arctic Regions: a Dialogue on Integrated Safety”.

The focus of the programme will be on:

the promotion of mechanisms to enhance cooperation between EMERCOM and constituent entities of the Russian Federation in the Arctic to advance integrated safety;

an analysis of existing technologies that ensure a reliable power supply in the Northern and arctic territories, and the development of strategic guidelines for the sustainable development of safe energy;

an exchange of views on ways to ensure environmental safety in the Arctic.

EMERCOM executives and senior officials of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation will speak at the panel session.

The Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East and Arctic

For the first time, the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East and Arctic will have a thematic stand – Arctic: Territory of Dialogue – at the Forum. It will be attended by heads of federal executive authorities, heads of Arctic regions, business representatives and authoritative experts (300 square metres (3,229 sq.ft.), Building G, ExpoForum).

The venue involves relevant agencies and companies (Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, Russian Federal Agency for Tourism, Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, Russian Ministry of Digital Development, Communications, and Mass Media, Rosatom State Corporation) which will co-host a number of sessions on the environment and climate, tourism, shipbuilding, digitization, and advanced technologies in the Arctic.

Arctic: Territory of Dialogue business programme has more than 20 events planned in various areas, including sessions from the official SPIEF programme:

•             The Northern Sea Route: An International Transport Corridor;

•             Investment Projects In The Arctic: Preferential Regimes.

Particular attention will be paid to the socio-economic development of the Arctic. Heads of the Russian Arctic regions will make presentations on the investment potential of their territories to the SPIEF audience.

In addition, the forum will include conferences and seminars as part of Russia's chairmanship of the Arctic Council.

As part of the Arctic. Territory of Dialogue programme, tours to the Arctic will be raffled off, 'letters from the North' will be sent jointly with the Russian Post, and a number of other unique events will take place for forum participants.

The Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation

The stand of the Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation will be presented in the recognizable corporate style of the Sport is the Norm of Life federal project. The federal project aims to improve the quality of life of Russians through physical activity and fostering a healthy lifestyle.

Sport is the Norm of Life promotes and develops mass sports and creates the conditions for all Russians to be physically active.

The stand of the Ministry of Sport will present the results of work in 18 main areas of the Ministry's activities.

At the SPIEF, the stand will host the signing of international and domestic agreements on cooperation in sports, the awarding of commemorative awards to mark the 90th anniversary of the GTO (Gotov k trudu i oborone) Ready for Labour and Defense of the USSR, and a gala presentation by the host city of the first Games of the Future 2024.

The unique exhibits of the Sports Museum, as well as a sporting activities area to test your physical form and try yourself in athleticism, coordination, endurance, strength, and speed, will be available to SPIEF guests.

With the support of the Russian Ministry of Sport, a sports programme will also be organized at the Forum. It will feature ice hockey, football, judo, table tennis, basketball, and many other competitions.

Moscow Region

Moscow Region’s stand will showcase the region’s investment potential and provide investors with information about available forms of support. It will also host talks and a number of investment agreement signing ceremonies between Russian and international companies covering projects in the region. There will be presentations of digital innovations, as well as groundbreaking projects and solutions in the fields of business, the environment, education, and tourism.

Nizhny Novgorod Region

"You are going to need keys to discover Nizhny Novgorod" is the main idea of the Nizhny Novgorod Region stand at the SPIEF. History and limitless opportunities are intertwined there. It is a region which is interesting to live and work in. Guests will get a chance to walk through the multiverse of the Nizhny Novgorod Region and immerse themselves in its inexpressible atmosphere with the help of 4D effects. The region's stand combines a conceptually new look at folk arts and crafts in the form of NFT embroidery, innovations, and successful cases. "We create great things for years to come" –achievements of the infrastructure programme dedicated to the 800th anniversary of Nizhny Novgorod. How is a world-class IT campus being created? Why is the Kulibin Special Economic Zone a new growth point for Russia’s industry? What will the Arzamas-Diveyevo-Sarov cluster be? The stand will showcase the main strategic projects and programmes in the region. The renewed capital of the Volga region will host a rich event programme in the summer, which will give an additional impetus to the development of creative industries. And, of course, Nizhny Novgorod is all about hospitality.

The Novgorod Region

The Novgorod region finds itself in the top ten on the investment focus ranking. 46 positions up the ladder of success in five years – that's something!

The region's stand features screens shaped like the arches of Yaroslav's Court, where the first trade deals in Russia took place. Visitors have a great opportunity to take a virtual tour of the region's landmarks and, most importantly, its city-forming enterprises. Visitors can see investment opportunities of the Novgorodskaya Special Economic Zone, which is presented as a model.

Important figures from the region, an alley of young scientists and their developments, and an interactive 'Land of Smart People' featuring exhibits of Novgorod developments that are actively used around the world can all be found at the stand.

Recharge and catch your breath – there’s a chance for that too! The possibilities for tourists are endless, the green city will shower you with hospitality and the beauty of ancient Russian architecture. And in the heart of Novgorod's Detinets you will be greeted by the mistress of Novgorod's forests, the grey owl.

While you're on holiday, your business is growing successfully. And it's all in one place.

The Novgorod region is old new and unforgotten, a region that enjoys a breath of new life!

Looking forward to welcoming you!

The Republic of Bashkortostan

The Republic of Bashkortostan will be one of the major regional venues at SPIEF, presenting several zones.

The unique feature of the negotiation zone is that it is made in the form of the cockpit of the Ka-32A11BC helicopter, which is produced exclusively in Bashkortostan at the Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise. During the talks, guests will be shown a simulation of the helicopter's take-off and get a feeling of flying over the territory of Bashkortostan.

The yurt installation will be designed to broadcast materials about the republic, including breakthrough projects: the Ufa agglomeration; a project to build a cargo river port; the formation of an unmanned aviation cluster; a project to create a printed and flexible microelectronics industry; and the infrastructure development of the Trans-Urals.

A key detail of the exposition of the Republic of Bashkortostan will be a mock-up of the world-class inter-university student campus of the Eurasian SEC. The 'Republic Control Centre' area will be designed in a futuristic style with screens and a touch panel.

The Republic of Dagestan

The Republic of Dagestan this year dedicated a special section of the stand to the development of tourism and new logistics chains.

The presentation videos will showcase both the most popular and unexplored tourist routes. Dagestan will also present a mock-up of the republic's transport and logistics complex as part of the North-South international transport corridor. The mock-up illustrates the interconnectedness of tourism and industry growth points within the economic gravity zone of the transport complex.

Books with commemorative photos, stand personnel in national costumes, and the stand itself made in the shape of the most popular Derbent fortress will help to immerse you in the atmosphere of hospitable Dagestan. And now you can get a taste of Dagestan at the thematic VinoGrad wine tasting zone. This year, Dagestan will be represented by three large wineries.

Republic of North Ossetia–Alania

The Republic of North Ossetia–Alania is a region offering excellent sustainable development potential for industry, agriculture, and tourism.

In the context of today’s new economic order, the region’s stand will showcase a range of groundbreaking initiatives which will help significantly boost economic growth in the coming years through attracting investment, establishing new enterprises, and creating new jobs. These include the Mamison year-round tourist and recreation complex, an agricultural complex cluster, a transport and logistics complex, the development of new tourist destinations, and a trout hatchery and strategic centre to develop the freshwater fishing industry.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Republic of North Ossetia–Alania’s stand. Its groundbreaking ideas, innovations, striking exhibition, and Ossetian hospitality are all sure to leave an impression!

Republic of Tatarstan

The Republic of Tatarstan is a region with an attractive investment climate bolstered by close cooperation between the state and the business community, and a fast growing, sustainable socio-economic infrastructure. Tatarstan offers excellent conditions for implementing pilot projects in the IT sector, which can then be scaled across the country. 2022 was declared the Year of Digitalization in Tatarstan, and this is expected to drive the development of the republic’s IT industry. This year, Tatarstan is strengthening its presence at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum and showcasing myriad innovative platforms and projects such as Innopolis SEZ, Innopolis University, IT Park, PharmMedPolis, and the Mechanical Engineering Cluster of the Republic of Tatarstan.

The republic's economy is truly diversified. Every year, the manufacturing sector represents a larger share of the economy, which, together with the oil and petrochemicals industry, has laid the groundwork for the region's continued development. There has been an explosion in e-commerce in recent years and the industry is experiencing rapid growth. The Republic of Tatarstan is the leader in terms of the number of retailers in the Volga region and at the federal level.

Restaurant Bashkortostan

This year the Republic of Bashkortostan will premiere a Bashkir restaurant (between Pavilion F and G) at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. The restaurant will feature the famous Gold of Sarmatians figurines, a collection for which the museums of Bashkortostan are renowned for. Guests will be able to enjoy various national dishes and delicacies, a healing drink koumiss, and fragrant tea with herbs gathered from the Bashkir fields and mountains.

For the convenience of participants and guests, information about the restaurant is available on the SPIEF website under the Services section.


Rosreestr presents its digital services at SPIEF 2022. Forum participants will be able to get advice on land and real estate issues.

The stand of the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography (Rosreestr) will be presented at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2022.

During all days of the Forum the stand will feature consultation desks

with employees of the service present onsite. Visitors will be able to ask questions on the registration of rights and cadastral registration, inquire about legislative changes in the field of land and real estate, and find their land plots on the public cadastral map.

New digital services from Rosreestr will also be introduced for SPIEF 2022 participants in test mode: their functionality can be tried out on the touch panel.

"Be at home" – the Rosreestr stand encourages Forum participants to take a break from the busy programme on the swings or couch, walk on the soft grass and treat themselves to freshly squeezed juice, fruit, and cookies.

The Rosreestr's booth is located in the Passage, opposite the entrance to Hall H.

Russian society ‘Znanie’

For the second year running, Russian society ‘Znanie’ will run an interactive studio at SPIEF 2022 where the Forum's key speakers will be able to engage freely with a broad audience. Russian business leaders, prominent statesmen, scientists and artists will share their views with Forum participants on the key social, economic, cultural and historical issues on the SPIEF agenda.

This year, the studio’s design symbolizes the inextricable link between our cultural past and our future. It will feature floral art by the Russian artist, illustrator and stage designer Ivan Bilibin which will blend in perfect harmony with the studio’s high-tech equipment.

The studio will be broadcasted on the Russian society ‘Znanie’ website and in the Znanie community on VKontakte.

The Russian society ‘Znanie’ stand will be located in the Passage opposite pavilion G.

Rostov Region

Rostov Region registered a 14% investment growth in 2021. The Rostov Region is an area where every investor is taken good care of.

At SPIEF 2022, Rostov Region presents priority projects and investor support instruments. The Rostov Region was the first in Russia to introduce infrastructure subsidies. They compensate industrial investors and data centre projects 50%–80% of infrastructure costs.

A one-stop shop for investors in the Rostov Region Investment Development Agency is the first of its kind in Russia. The Agency searches for and finds investors all over the world, localizes their projects in the region, and has already attracted over USD 7 billion in investment from industry leaders to the region.

Ministry of Economic Development of the Rostov Region

112, Socialisticheskaya Street, Rostov-on-Don, Russia, 344050

Tel. +7 (863) 240 5257

E-mail: minecon_ro@donland.ru


Investment Development Agency of the Rostov Region

40A, Kirovsky prospect, Rostov-on-Don, 344022, Russia

Tel. +7 (863) 250 1045

E-mail: general@ipa-don. ru


Samara Region

Samara Region stand at SPIEF 2022 is located in the Pavilion H. The region's stand will feature:

  • layout of the development of the area near the Samara Solidarity Arena, which includes the project entitled "Establishment of an international inter-university campus in Samara";
  • a mock-up of the implemented 150/10 kV substation project, developments and products of GC Elektroshchit;
  • products manufactured by Pegas-Agro for farmland treatment;
  • installation of the Smart Road Hardware and Software project;
  • AIST-2D, a small spacecraft used for the certification of Earth’s remote sensing target hardware.
The Saratov Region

The Saratov Region is a dynamically developing area. Our competitive advantages include favourable geographical location, abundance of natural resources, attractive conditions for investors, and nearly limitless potential. Our key priority is to support and accompany investors at all stages.

We are vigorously building business- and people-friendly infrastructure, roads, kindergartens, schools, and medical centres. We are opening new industrial enterprises, reaping record harvests, solving import substitution tasks, entering foreign markets, and applying innovative technologies in all sectors. We rely on a strong production and human resource base to do this.

The Saratov Region stand at SPIEF will showcase major projects being implemented in the region. The focal point of the exhibition is the Balakovo Metallurgical Plant, an advanced mini-mill with a capacity of over 1 million tonnes of long products per year. It is the first producer of rolled products in the Volga Federal District and one of the leading enterprises in the electrometallurgical industry in Russia.


Dear participants of the Forum, we welcome you at the stand of the city of Sevastopol!

Investment projects and sites in the field of agriculture, integrated development of territories, as well as priority projects of Sevastopol will be presented at the stand.

Cooperation agreements with potential investors and constituent entities of the Russian Federation in trade and economic, scientific and technical, social and cultural areas will be signed at the stand.

While visiting our region's stand you will have an opportunity to talk to the heads of executive authorities and development institutions of the city of Sevastopol, watch the live broadcast of the events and taste the products of local winemakers.

Tambov Region

Tambov Region is with some justification referred to as the heart of Russia. The region boasts unique landscapes, Michurinsk (Russia's only agrarian science city and major transport hub), the Kotovsk advanced special economic zone, around 100 investment sites, a range of industrial parks, and numerous tax incentives. The region trades with 100 partner countries, and offers distinct potential in terms of tourism. It also hosts the International Pokrovskaya Fair – winner of the event tourism Grand Prix. Tambov Region is known for its Russian Estates tourist trail, being part of the fertile Black Earth region, and the Ivanovka Estate Museum, where the great composer, pianist and conductor Sergei Rachmaninoff lived and worked. Next year will mark the 150th anniversary of the birth of the composer, with a huge range of events planned to take place across the country.

Tambov Region’s stand will highlight the region’s progressiveness and innovative character, the links between its economy and surrounding nature, its environmental friendliness, and fertile soil.

In 1889 the Exposition Universelle opened in Paris. For the event, Russia showcased an extensive collection of soil. A standout exhibit was a huge clod in the shape of a cube, which the awe-struck public dubbed the “Black Earth Cube”. In 2003, a metre-high sample of earth from the Rzhaksinsky District of Tambov Region was presented at the Moscow Polytechnic Institute, resulting in Tambov black earth being recognized as “the epitome of Russian soil”.

Tver Region

Tver Region is a land of opportunity!

Main advantages of the region include affordable logistics, human resource potential, unique recreational and leisure opportunities, a personalized approach and a huge range of support measures for investors.

At the stand of the Tver region you can assess the investment opportunities in the region, examine the information about industrial and technology parks, development projects and tourist areas, as well as hear the testimonies of current investors.

See you at the Tver Region stand

More on investment opportunities at tverinvest.ru.