Association of Innovative Regions of Russia

Fourteen constituent entities of the Russian Federation are members of the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia (AIRR): Republic of Bashkortostan, Republic of Mordovia, Republic of Tatarstan, Altai Territory, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Perm Territory, Irkutsk Region, Kaluga Region, Lipetsk Region, Novosibirsk Region, Samara Region, Tomsk Region, Tyumen Region, and Ulyanovsk Region.

The organization provides economic assistance to the regions, based on a holistic view of their interests at the interregional, federal, and international levels.

A number of important signing ceremonies for economic and regional development projects will be held at the AIRR stand. There will also be a presentation of the best regional practices implemented by AIRR members.


BMH RUS specializes in the retooling and restructuring of businesses in the mining, steelmaking, and foundry industries.

At SPIEF 2018, BMH RUS will present a construction project that it carried out in St. Petersburg for a factory that makes innovative steam rollers according to an advanced Russian design that is unrivalled around the world.

The construction and commissioning of the facility have made it possible to substitute imported road equipment on the Russian market, develop a competitive product for export, create jobs, and expand the machine-building sector in northwestern Russia.

Vladimir Region

Vladimir Region is a developed industrial region that welcomes new business partnerships. This year the region’s stand will become a presentation platform for its innovative achievements. All SPIEF participants will have a chance to learn about the next-generation Ant-Zetor 4135F tractor, which is manufactured by the Kovrov Electromechanical Plant.

Zabaikalsk Territory

The exhibition stand will host a presentation on Zabaikalsk Territory as a promising region for pursuing investment projects and successfully doing business.

The stand will have two areas: one for presentations and another for meetings.

The presentation area will be outfitted with a touch screen and a seamless video wall. Visitors will be able to engage with an interactive presentation on investment projects and the investment potential of Zabaikalsk Territory, and handout materials will be available to take away.

The meeting area will provide a closed meeting room for networking and signing agreements with partners of Zabaikalsk Territory.

Kaliningrad Region

We invite SPIEF participants to learn about the unique business environment available in our special economic zone. Kaliningrad Region is a region of opportunities for both Russian and foreign companies.

Throughout the Forum, the stand will function as a working platform for presentations about the investment opportunities that are available in the westernmost corner of Russia. Landmark decisions will be made, new cooperation and partnership agreements will be signed, and existing success stories will be explored! 

Kaluga Region

‘Be successful’ is the underlying message of the Kaluga Region exhibition stand for 2018 and the basis for the region’s development strategy until 2030. Technological solutions, which form the basis of the exhibition, will demonstrate the economic potential of the region. The stand will feature promising projects in various sectors and world-class products from leading companies, including Novo Nordisk, Total, VMK-Invest, and RPM Group.

There will also be a comfortable meeting area which will be equipped with everything needed to conduct business meetings. Knowledgeable and friendly staff will be happy to greet visitors at the reception. A number of interactive exhibits will make the Kaluga Region exhibition stand not only as informative as possible, but interesting, too.

Krasnodar Region

The Krasnodar Region pavilion will include presentation and business areas as well as a restaurant serving regional cuisine.

The business area will allow visitors to learn more about the investment and economic potential of the region and to take part in a packed business programme and discussions on topical issues.

The main objective is to present a long-term development plan broken down into the priority areas identified by the Krasnodar Region Social and Economic Development Strategy 2030.  

In the restaurant, guests will be able to taste traditional dishes prepared from quality natural ingredients supplied by regional farmers.

In the bar, guests will be able to choose from an abundance of wines produced by leading regional winemakers.

Leningrad Region

The exhibition stand of Leningrad region will feature an extensive business programme, including the following round tables: Industry 4.0 as a Driver for Business and State Development. Staffing in Industry 4.0; Autoprom North-West: Development of Cooperation and Subcontracting; Best Practices of Cluster Initiatives in Leningrad Region; Achieving Strategic Goals Using National Projects: How to Make a Breakthrough. A signing ceremony for a number of agreements to boost the region’s socioeconomic development will be held.

The stand will also feature three industry clusters from the region: shipbuilding, car manufacturing, and the food industry.


Moscow is one of the largest financial centres in the world. It is a global metropolis offering a wide range of opportunities for development.

At the Moscow stand you will be able to find out about the measures that are being taken to ensure that the economic attractiveness of the capital continues to grow. Through a number of measures, including existing and future industrial parks, the Technopolis Moscow special economic zone, business support projects, production localization, public–private partnerships, and global investment projects, Moscow is laying a strong foundation for the economy of the future. We are convinced that the new economic projects will benefit Moscow and its residents.

Welcome to our city! We are open for partnership!

Moscow Region

The Moscow Region stand plans to host a presentation on the region’s investment potential and a briefing about the regional support measures available to investors. A business cocktail reception will be held where business representatives can engage in dialogue. Governor of Moscow Region Andrei Vorobyov is scheduled to attend. The stand will host negotiations and signing ceremonies for investment agreements with Russian and foreign companies to implement projects in Moscow Region. There will be a presentation on innovative digital developments and fundamentally new projects and solutions in the areas of investment, culture, sports, healthcare, social development, education, transport, energy, construction, and housing and utilities.   

Russian Ministry of North Caucasus Affairs, North Caucasus Development Corporation, and Resorts of the North Caucasus

The investment potential of the North Caucasus Federal District will be showcased at a joint stand presented by the Russian Ministry of North Caucasus Affairs, Resorts of the North Caucasus, the North Caucasus Development Corporation, and the regions of the North Caucasus Federal District. This year, the focus will be on the Caspian transport and logistics project. Resorts of the North Caucasus will present a comprehensive project for the North Caucasus Tourism Cluster, and the North Caucasus Development Corporation will introduce a project to develop an innovative medical cluster.  The business programme includes agreement signings, project presentations, negotiations with investors, and a roundtable on the topic ‘The Caspian Region: Potential for the Development of International Trade, Economic, and Investment Cooperation’.

Novgorod Region

Novgorod Region is a promising and rapidly developing region in northwestern Russia. This year the region’s stand will offer an interactive platform for open dialogue and the sharing of best practices between regional state authorities and business. During the exhibition there will be a presentation on the economic, tourism, and investment potential of the region. Visitors will be able to find out everything they need to know about the region and learn about the advanced investment projects that are being implemented there. There will also be a presentation on regional enterprises.

MIR payment system

MIR is the Russian national payment system. The MIR card is a modern, technologically advanced, and secure payment card that can be used in Russia wherever cards are accepted.

The MIR payment system stand will once again be one of the most technologically advanced at SPIEF. An interactive presentation in the updated corporate style of the MIR payment system will describe all of the company’s current projects employing the form of a dome projection featuring multilayer graphics.

SPIEF guests who visit the MIR payment system stand will have a special opportunity to create a unique design for the national card using the power of their consciousness and concentrated emotions, thanks to a special neural interface.

Republic of Crimea

Today, Crimea is a region of growth. The Republic is developing and overcoming its infrastructure constraints at an accelerated pace. In 2017, the region’s economy grew by 10%, including thanks to investment from sources other than the federal budget.

The establishment of a free economic zone, a number of incentives for business, the introduction of project management in state agencies, the use of a system of matrix-based supervision, and the assignment of a dedicated personal manager to each investment project are all factors making the Republic of Crimea a more attractive region for business.

The Crimean delegation will present projects in key sectors of the region’s economy, including industrial parks, agricultural projects, tourism clusters, and health resorts.

Our Crimea is open to new ideas!

Republic of Tatarstan

In 2018, a large delegation from Tatarstan led by President of the Republic Rustam Minnikhanov will again take part in SPIEF.

Tatarstan, which is one of the leading regions in the Russian Federation in terms of socioeconomic development, will present an exposition featuring key industrial enterprises as well as six federal and dozens of regional investment sites. Leading representatives of government bodies and businesses will be on hand. We invite Forum participants to discuss with them business opportunities in a region which has on three occasions been ranked as Russia’s best investment climate. Invest in Tatarstan! Do business in Tatarstan! Make your product in Tatarstan! Partner with Tatarstan!

Russian National Commercial Bank

Russian National Commercial Bank (RNCB) is the largest bank in the Republic of Crimea, and is fully owned by the state through the Federal Agency for State Property Management. RNCB offers a full range of financial services to both individuals and organizations. It contributes to strategic projects of federal and regional significance. It promotes the stability of the regional banking system with a view to solving social and economic development objectives. RNCB is among the top 20 Russian banks in terms of net profit, the top 30 in terms of capital, and the top 50 in terms of assets.

The bank will use its stand to present its own unique development: the ‘paperless office’, freeing customers from the need to use paper and allowing transactions to be carried out using a bank card and mobile phone.

Ryazan Region

What is impossible today will be possible tomorrow!

The modern world is changing faster than we can grasp. The pace of change is mainly being set by new technologies. The Ryazan Region exhibition stand at SPIEF 2018 is dedicated to our Digital Economy programme. The minimalist stand will show visitors a technological Ryazan, the Ryazan of the future. A digital avatar of Nikolai Lyubimov, the Governor of Ryazan Region, will talk to visitors about systematic development and the introduction of technology in the education and healthcare sectors, support for innovative businesses, implementation of the digital government programme, and the region’s plans for the future. Please stop in to see us at ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre, pavilion H (3).

Samara Region

Samara Region is consistently ranked among Russia’s leading regions in terms of how well it has realized its scientific, educational, cultural, sports, tourism, industrial, and technical potential. It is one of the best places in the country in which to do business and live.

The region’s ability to demonstrate continuous progress while preserving its best traditions and unique identity form the basis of these achievements. The region has leading industrial clusters, development institutions, support infrastructure, and competitive advantages – everything that guarantees investment success, the implementation of new technologies, and the manufacturing of competitive products, and all of it will be presented at the region’s stand. Our slogan is: ‘what is impossible today will be possible tomorrow’.

We invite you to visit Samara Region!

Sevastopol is Russia’s southern capital.

The Sevastopol stand will present more than 20 investment projects in various areas of the economy, ranging from agro-industry to high-tech sectors.

The projects include:

  • the unique Wine Road project that will bring together a network of small wineries, cheese makers, restaurants, and hotels in Sevastopol

  • IT-grad, the first technopark in Sevastopol that will bring together advanced technologies and human resources from all over the world

  • a project to create a yacht marina in Balaklava, which uniquely combines a favourable natural and geographical location with well-developed infrastructure

Smolensk Region

The theme for the Smolensk Region stand is ‘Region of great opportunities’.

The stand is divided into presentation and meeting areas.

The presentation area will showcase the region’s investment projects, including the construction of a linen factory, the upgrading of a cotton mill, and more. Visitors will learn about the region’s unique geographical location and the opportunities offered by the Phoenix and Safonovo industrial parks as well as the Dorogobuzh advanced special socioeconomic zone. The information will be presented using multimedia technologies and handouts.

The meeting area will provide a space for business meetings and the signing of cooperation agreements to implement investment projects.

We invite you to visit our stand. More information is available at smolinvest.com

Tver Region

Tver Region has high innovative potential. Today, our region is increasingly coming into its own as an industrial centre.

The manufacturing enterprises in Tver are known far beyond Russia. Companies from the region that are participating in the Forum include the world-famous manufacturer of heat exchangers for the aviation industry Hamilton Standard-Nauka, the major integrated company and leader in the design and manufacturing of machine-tool equipment STAN, the supplier of modern high-tech equipment for the aviation and other industries Electromekhanika, and the excavator manufacturer UMG.

Tula Region

Tula Region is a stunning and bountiful region. It has a rich historical past and enormous investment potential.

The concept behind the Tula Region stand is ‘Workshop of Russia’. It will feature the following projects: Tula Embankment, Uzlovaya Special Economic Zone, Uzlovaya Industrial Park, and Composite Valley. There will be an interactive investment map of the region with detailed information on tax benefits and incentives for investors, as well as information about advanced special socioeconomic zones and completed and ongoing projects in the industrial, tourism, and agricultural sectors.

As ever, guests visiting the Tula Delicacies area will be treated to a cup of tea from a genuine Tula samovar.

Udmurt Republic

Welcome to the Udmurt Republic! 

Guests and participants at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum will discover that the product label #MadeinUdmurtia is not only a geographic marker, but a guarantor of quality and taste. Don’t take our word for it: come to our bar and see for yourself. 

Assess the investment attractiveness of the Udmurt Republic for yourself at the #InvestinUdmurtia interactive platform, where you will be able to learn more about future cooperation opportunities that are on the horizon.

The Udmurt Republic is a land of sport and the homeland of champions. Dozens of amateur sports tournaments are held in the region. In the #RechargeInUdmurtia zone, everyone will have a chance to try out the Republic’s best ski slopes alongside legendary biathlete Ivan Tcherezov.

Khabarovsk Territory

Khabarovsk Territory is one of the most rapidly developing and successful regions of the Russian Far East.

By visiting the Khabarovsk Territory stand, you will be able to learn more about the region where modern aircraft and shipbuilding enterprises produce the latest civil and military equipment. You will find out about the region’s broad range of investment opportunities: promising projects, a unique business environment, and large-scale project success stories.

You will discover unique tourist itineraries, and learn about the city that has been singled out for attention by the Russian President, Komsomolsk-on-Amur. Information will also be available on the free land grant programme in the Far East.
EXPO 2025

Visitors to the Bid Committee stand will find themselves inside a monorail cabin that will soar above the calm surface of Lake Verkh-Isetskiy. They will be able to tour the EXPO 2025 site, inspect the bioclimatic promenade along the embankment, and visit pavilions dedicated to specific topics. Following the Expo, the plan for the region’s further development envisages that the pavilions will be converted into educational, research, and production centres, and the Expo site itself will be transformed into a ‘Smart City’ filled with the latest technologies.

Yaroslavl Region
The Yaroslavl Region stand will feature the latest scientific and technical developments from the region’s enterprises.
A combination of preserving tradition, gradual development, innovation, and powerful state and regional support has allowed the region to make a qualitative leap ahead in the industrial sector. See for yourself by visiting the Yaroslavl Region exhibition stand.

Uomo Collezioni

Uomo Collezioni is an Italian men’s clothing brand and chain of stores.

Each of the brand’s collections includes everything required for an impeccable look: classic handmade suits and shirts, trousers and sports jackets, fine knitwear, a range of outerwear, shoes, and accessories.

For those who prefer to create their own style, Uomo Collezioni stores offer bespoke tailoring, shoemaking, and accessory design services.

The brand will have a stand at SPIEF 2018 where visitors can view the new collections, enjoy a style consultation, and take advantage of special offers.

Autonomous Non-Profit Organization for Motor Sport Racing Formula-Championat (ANO FC)

Autonomous Non-Profit Organization for Motor Sport Racing Formula-Championat (ANO FC) was founded in 2011.

ANO FC together with the Ferrari Driver Academy, Italy and Tatuus, Italy has developed a new model of the racing class car Formula FA010.

ANO FC equipped an assembly shop for the Formula class car manufacturing at AMO ZIL, Moscow and successfully produced a series of racing cars.

ANO FC held more than 60 races on their cars and more than 200 mass events, including demo drives around the Kremlin, in Sochi, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, etc.

ANO FC trains Formula class sports cars pilots, organizes corporate and promotional events with racing cars, exhibitions and motor races.

JSC Radar mms

The Russian companies Alexeev’s Hydrofoil Design Bureau and JSC Radar mms will present modern, innovative high-speed vehicles and the Transport of the Future concept for creating a unified international transport system. Designs for the following next-generation vessels will be presented at SPIEF 2018: the Chaika-2 ekranoplan, a scientific research vessel, and the Valdai-45R innovative river vessel, which will be docked in the Neva River.

Etalon Group

Etalon Group, which was founded in 1987 by Viacheslav Zarenkov, is today one of the largest corporations in the Russian property development and construction industry. The company focuses on residential real estate for the middle class in St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Moscow Region. With 30 years of success under its belt, Etalon Group is now one of the oldest and most successful players on the Russian property market. Since its inception, the company has commissioned a total of 5.8 million square metres of residential space.

The Etalon Group stand will feature architectural models of some of the company’s developments. In addition, all guests will be able to charge their mobile devices and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee.