Energy for Europe: A Reliable Partnership

25 May , 08:30–10:00
Nord Stream 2 Business Breakfast
Congress Centre, Business Breakfast Hall 2

The stress on Europe’s gas markets caused by the unexpected cold snaps this past winter has shown that Europe needs substantial and reliable natural gas supplies. Especially with Europe’s domestic gas production projected to decline further, it is clear that there is a growing need to make new gas reserves available to Europe. Moreover, natural gas is economically and ecologically indispensable for Europe to meet its climate goals and for the EU to achieve its three key energy objectives of secure, sustainable and affordable energy. Europe’s increasing import gap will be filled by a combination of LNG and Russian gas. Russian natural gas reserves are not only big enough to meet a significant share of this import requirement in the coming years, they are ready to be connected to European consumers at a competitive price. Europe and Russia have shared a strong, mutually beneficial energy relationship and partnership for more than 40 years, making Russia a reliable partner in securing Europe’s energy supply. We would like to discuss these and other questions with you at our Business Breakfast: What is the strategic advantage of Russian gas for Europe? What will the economically and ecologically feasible future energy mix for Europe be? How will Russian gas and LNG compete to ensure the security of supply to Europe? Why does Europe need additional pipeline capacities to transport gas from Russia’s vast gas fields? How does Nord Stream 2 fit into the EU’s energy strategy?

Friedbert Pfluger, Managing Partner, Pflüger International GmbH

Key note
Gerhard Schroeder, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Nord Stream 2 AG

Annette Berkhahn Blyhammar, Senior Advisor Energy & Utilities, Arthur D. Little Stockholm
Simon Blakey, Managing Director, SAB Global Energy
Klaus Schäfer, Chief Executive Officer, Uniper