Financial and Legal Literacy of Young Entrepreneurs: How to Protect Yourself from the Start?

18 Jun , 10:00–11:15
International Youth Economic Forum
Pavilion G, conference hall G5

Young entrepreneurs often experience in practice what ‘a lack of knowledge of legal norms’ actually means. Compared to other citizens, they are more involved in legal transactions with the state and other bureaucratic structures. Especially when launching a private business, important legal aspects may not be taken into account at the ‘packaging’ stage. However, as the saying goes, ignorantia juris non excusat (ignorance of the law excuses not) so it is extremely important to build a financial and legal culture among young people. Which legal risks should young entrepreneurs take into account when starting a business and which ones should they worry about at a later stage? Do entrepreneurs need to have a legal degree? What recommendations should be considered when starting and running a business?

Nonna Kagramanyan, Vice-President, Head of the Executive Committee, All-Russia Public Organization Delovaya Rossiya (Business Russia)

Ekaterina Avdeeva, Head of the Expert Center for Criminal Law Policy and Enforcement of Judicial Acts, All-Russia Public Organization Delovaya Rossiya (Business Russia)
Sergey Bekrenev, President, European Legal Service
Veniamin Kaganov, Director, Financial Literacy Development Association
Aleksandr Kolankov, Advisor to the Head of Service for Consumer Protection and Financial Inclusion, The Central Bank of the Russian Federation (Bank of Russia)
Yulia Mihaleva, Deputy Director, Russian Quality System (Roskachestvo)
Nikolay Myshyakov, Project Founder, AutoHem
Elina Sidorenko, General Director, Platform for Working with Entrepreneurs’ Enquiries
Oleg Tarasov, Founder, USE Breakthrough

Front row participant
Vitaly Arbuzov, Founder, INPRO digital