The “Art of Luxury. The legacy of the Russian Empire in the works of contemporary artists".

17 Jun , 11:00–17:00

The exhibition is a collaboration between the staff of the Pavlovsk State Museum and the Modern Heritage of Russia project. It represents a spectacular domain of contemporary applied art, continuing the finest traditions of pre-revolutionary artists. Cut gemstones, flawless jewellery, exquisite lacquer miniatures, icons, porcelain, stained glass enamel sets, delicate embroidery, furniture designed in the "glamorous constructivism'' style, carved bone, ceramics, interior sculpture, and figurines reflect the tremendous skill and fabulous taste of contemporary artists across the spectrum of applied art. Diamonds and sapphires shimmering in various colours, topazes sparkling with hundreds of facets, large emeralds and rubies bordered with pearls, filigree enamels, Florentine mosaics, glass flower bouquets, and stunning Fabergé inspired Easter eggs all recall the treasures of the fabulous rich caves of Ali Baba and mysterious island of Monte Cristo.

Tickets are available at the museum box office.