Private Chambers of the Romanovs (tour)

17 Jun , 11:00–18:00

This tour, covering the private chambers of the family of Alexander III and Nicholas I, will enable visitors to experience the atmosphere of comfort, warmth, love and understanding which surrounded these ostensibly severe rulers who chose Gatchina as their residence. There will be the chance to see the Small and Large Military Studies of Emperor Nicholas I, one of which contains the mystical painting Paul I with his Entourage. Visitors will also enter the office of Emperor Alexander III, where decisions were made that forever changed the course of history. In getting to see the quiet and cosy private chambers of the family of the so-called peacemaker, guests will get a new perspective on the Romanovs – not only as a brilliant ruling dynasty, but also as people with their own run-of-the-mill habits. Each hall contains collections of commemorative items that were handled by heroes of bygone ages, and which preserve a tangible link to them.

Access by participant badge (advance registration required via the personal web office). The number of invitations is limited.