Leningrad from the Back Entrance

17 Jun , 11:00–18:00

This exhibition brings together about 120 paintings, graphic works and lithographs from the collection of the State Museum of the History of
St. Petersburg, depicting pre-war and post-war views of Leningrad. All in all, the exhibition will showcase the work of 22 Leningrad artists, including Alexander Vedernikov, Vladimir Grinberg, Nikolay Emelyanov, Boris Ermolaev, Nikolay Lapshin, Vyacheslav Pakulin, Alexey Pakhomov, Alexey Pochtenny, brothers Anatoly and Viktor Proshkin, Alexander Rusakov, Nikolay Tyrsa, and Yakov Shur. Visitors will gain an insight into the Leningrad landscape school of the 1930–1940s.

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