Excursion “St. Petersburg through the eyes of an engineer”

17 Jun , 13:30–15:30

A guided rooftop tour and a visit to a 3D ceramic printing studio.
Lenpoligrafmash is an entire block on Aptekarsky Island, occupied by industrial buildings from different eras. Today, it has become the home of St. Petersburg's innovative start-ups and is the driving force behind many creative industries. It all started with the invention of the cigarette machine, which could apply the logos of different brands of cigarettes with oil paint to their sleeves. The business idea, backed by the genius of the entrepreneur and inventor Semenov, got off to a great start. The history of Lenpoligrafmash goes back to the 19th century and it is still the backbone enterprise of St. Petersburg. But this does not mean that its history is linear. The Soviet period had several twists and turns. It has evolved and transformed. It is fascinating to explore how well-known and oft-visited “living” places in the city suddenly reveal their rich history to us. It is also important to realize all the possibilities that a modern, developing city offers. Both the history and contemporary life of Lenpoligrafmash will be explored on the tour.
As part of the Creative Business Forum

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