The Eliseevs Merchant House

17 Jun , 15:00–19:00

The Eliseevs Merchant House is the first museum dedicated to the history of the famous Eliseev merchant dynasty in St. Petersburg. We offer a tour entitled "The Secrets of the Eliseevs Merchant House". Excursionists get to visit the locations which are inaccessible for ordinary visitors of the store. In particular, the director's office, the first floor interior balcony, the museum exhibition, and get to go behind the counter in the trade hall. Museum website:
Guests can get some tea, lunch, or dinner in the store if they wish so (payable separately on site).

Admission by badge for all SPIEF participants. Pre-registration by phone +7 (962) 684 2266 is required, places are limited. The programme is available for groups of up to 20 people.