Excursions of the Presidential library

17 Jun , 16:00–17:00

The Presidential Library is the Russia’s largest national electronic repository of digital copies of documents on the history of Russian statehood, as well as cultural, educational, scientific centre with the status of the national library of Russia. You will have the opportunity to learn about the history and architecture of the Synod building, constructed in the 19th century by an outstanding architect Carlo Rossi.
You can explore the electronic collection “Russian State and Economy”, which contains rare publications and documents. During SPIEF’22, the library hosts exhibitions about Peter the Great marking his 350th birth anniversary. They are
devoted to the economic reforms of the emperor,
which transformed Russia and influenced the development of industry, shipbuilding, construction, and trade. The excursions are in Russian and English.

Access with participant badge. Interested Forum participants must register in advance though the personal web office. The number of invitations is limited.