17 Jun , 13:40–14:00
Film screening

Directed by Anna Antonova, cinematography by Artem Kirilkin
Russia, Arkhangelsk/ 2020
Runtime: 20 min

There is a wild ancient forest at the edge of the Arkhangelsk region, one of the last of its kind. Few people know about it, even fewer have seen it with their own eyes. Experts consider it to be an unrecognized national forestry heritage.
But now this pristine forest is in danger of being cleared. A World Wildlife Fund team sets off on an expedition to Leshukonia to investigate this unique place and protect it from logging. The experts have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders, because if unsuccessful, this documentary footage is all that could be left of the Leshukon taiga in just a few decades.

Participant in the 4th IFFAC ARCTIC OPEN 2020