Pavilion 5, Conference Hall 5.3

Enhancing the efficiency of systemically important state-owned enterprises (SOEs) is a vital element of Russia’s economic reform initiatives. SOEs must adapt to the new economic environment, and adjust to fast-moving market conditions and potentially disruptive technologies. Cutting costs, alongside improving the quality of services, is important for boosting efficiency amid rising competition. What further steps should Russia’s principal SOEs undertake to drive performance?

Gleb Bryansky , Head of Economic Division, Russian News Agency TASS

Mikhail Evraev , Deputy Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation
Dmitry Strashnov , General Director, Russian Post
Seiki Fukuda , Executive Vice President, Japan Post Co., Ltd
Bishar Hussein , Director General, UPU International Bureau


Key moments

We need the government to liberate the potential of post offices, the respective legislation should be adopted. After that we will not fear competition.
Bishar Hussein
Postal service is a business. If the postal system fails to become a competitive business and does not make money for investing in its infrastructure, it cannot develop.
Dmitry Strashnov
Definitely post is a business, but a socially responsible business. This is very important considering the significance of Russian Post for the country as a whole.
Mikhail Evraev
Today, Russian post offices are just a 5 minutes’ walk away from people. About 50% of the people have bank accounts. Accordingly, the other 50% do not keep money in a bank, so that money is not working for the country’s economy. There is money in the country. Only Russian Post can reach it with the help of a postal bank.
Dmitry Strashnov