Russia’s New Horizons
Business Roundtable

For the Russia–US economic relationship to move forward, it is crucial to tear down administrative barriers and develop novel bilateral solutions to promote investment and localized production in a range of priority sectors – innovation and high-tech, energy, heavy industry, aviation, construction, and financial services. How will the rules of the game change for joint Russia–US business products following Russia’s accession to the WTO and the establishment of the Common Economic Space? Just how liberalized will restrictions become on mutual market access for goods and services produced by Russian and US companies?

Key moments

The Russian talent is really, really good. So it’s in our best interests to be here, and we will continue to do so in the future.
John Chambers
For those of us in the technology sector, I can honestly say that in terms of Russian–American relations, everything is fine.
Anatoly Karachinsky
In my opinion, when you have natural economic drivers, that’s all you need for investments to grow. Everything else is secondary.
Zakhar Smushkin
I think when governments listen to the business community in a formalized way – both from within the country and outside the country – only positive things will happen.
James Turley