The Global Growth Agenda
Plenary Session

Address by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

Address by the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany Angela Merkel

Key moments

These funds must work for the Russian economy; they must not be wasted on trivialities and non-existent programmes, but should be allocated only for projects that change the country’s image.
Vladimir Putin
Economic growth should be based on three pillars: increased labour productivity, investment and innovation.
Vladimir Putin
Our key priority is to improve the business climate. Everyone needs to work towards this objective — from the mayor of a little town to a federal minister, from a local policeman to the head of the law enforcement agencies.
Vladimir Putin
The fact that we were in the lead, at the forefront, for many years does not mean that’s how it will be in the future.
Angela Merkel
There are reserves of savings in our infrastructure monopolies. Each of them must adopt a programme to cut costs and upgrade efficiency. Money must be invested wisely. Yet tariff controls must not have adverse effects, such as a reduction in infrastructure investments.
Vladimir Putin