Managing Disruptions and Embracing Change
Panel Session
Pavilion 5, Conference Hall 5.3

Many in the sector believe the current space race has the feel of the Internet economy in the 1990s: characterized by unrestrained creativity coupled with the uncertainty of business models only occasionally bumping into economic realities. Which approaches are showing the most promise, and how will the private sector and new state entrants impact the future of space travel?

Joe Pappalardo , Senior Editor, News, Popular Mechanics

Jean Loic Galle , President, Chief Executive Officer, Thales Alenia Space
Igor Komarov , General Director, United Rocket and Space Corporation
Vitaly Lopota , President, S.P. Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation Energia
Dr. Susmita Mohanty , Co-Founder and Chief Executive Office, Earth2Orbit
Sergey Nedoroslev , Chairman of the Board, Kaskol Group
Francois Auque , Executive Vice-President of the Defence and Space Division, Airbus Group
Oleg Ostapenko , General Director, Russian Federal Space Agency


Key moments

“Manned space flight is a platform for developing technologies that humanity will use to protect us both from space and in space, to search for resources, and to determine the next areas for development in space exploration.”
Vitaly Lopota
“I think what the desktop did to computing many years ago, now satellites and small satellites are doing to the space industry. They are going to disrupt the industry in ways that we have never imagined.”
Dr. Susmita Mohanty
“There is a business race [in the area of space exploration] between governments, and the business race today is the race to use space and to transform space assets into business.”
Francois Auque
“Space activity, space business, space cooperation is above a short-term crisis that can arise in the world. (…) Even during what we call the Cold War, the US and Russia were to continue to cooperate.”
Jean Loic Galle
“The main thing is not to compete with one another, but rather work together, because [space exploration] is a supranational task – it transcends business and it transcends politics.”
Igor Komarov