Realizing the Economic Potential of Russia
Congress Centre, Congress Hall

We live in the era of great technological innovations. A competition of racing drones, Cybersecurity Olympics, Cyborg Olympics are all features of the future that has well arrived. Commercial space rockets are becoming part of the mainstream, self-driving cars are finding their way into the public roads. Cloud technologies, big data, global access to digital services have been dramatically changing lifestyles and business patterns. Data are becoming new oil, and the world is becoming ever more integrated. The speed of knowledge transfer in the digital world has moved onto a new level. But technologies create numerous risks as well as unprecedented opportunities. The schism has been growing between the companies and nations that have and have not reaped the fruit of the 4th Industrial Revolution. The complexity of the economic race and its stakes have been getting ever higher. The choice is either to adapt or to lag behind forever. Are we prepared to face the new technological reality?

Herman Gref , Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Executive Board, Sberbank

Bertrand-Marc Allen , President, Boeing International
Dominic Barton , Global Managing Director, McKinsey & Company
Arkady Volozh , Principal Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Yandex
Loren Graham , Professor of the History of Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Carlo D'Asaro Biondo , President EMEA, Strategic Relationships, Google
Jim McKelvey , Co-Founder, Square


Key moments

Data is a bit like fuel if you do not share it, then it does not have much value.
Carlo D'Asaro Biondo