Navigating Revolutions in Technology
Panel Session
Congress Centre, Conference Hall D4

The healthcare industry is experiencing advances at a breathtaking pace, ranging from new drug therapies to treat cancer, personalized medicines, and diagnosis of gastrointestinal diseases to surgical robotics and medical device implants. New treatments for mental disorders, organ generation through 3D printing, and an in-depth understanding of the functions of the brain are only a few of the future breakthroughs which are just around the corner. What does the next decade hold for the healthcare industry and how are innovations in medicine, management, and computer science impacting patient treatment? How is Russia positioning itself in the global market and what new technologies should it focus on developing?

Mikhail Gusman , Chairman, Russian National Committee of UNESCO’s International Programme for the Development of Communication; Vice-President, News Agency World Council (NACO)

Thierry Godelle , Chief Marketing Officer, GE Healthcare in Europe
Olga Golodets , Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation
Martin Dewhurst , Leader, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Products, McKinsey & Company
Jürg Kesselring , Chairman, Board member, Executive committee member, ICRC Special Fund for the Disabled (SFD)
Dmitry Morozov , President, BIOCAD
Frederik Paulsen , Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ferring Pharmaceuticals
Dmitry Pushkar , Chief Urologist, Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation

Oleg Byachov , Director for Business Development, IBM East Europe and Asia
Kirill Kaem , Vice-President, Executive Director of ВIO Cluster, Skolkovo Foundation
Elena Plyasunova , General Director, Medtronic Russia
Alexander Rasumov , Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Vladimir Khavinson , Director, St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology
Chao Qu , General Manager, Panther Healthcare Medical Equipment


Key moments

Value based healthcare and digital transformation mutually reinforce each other and lead to the improvement of healthcare system.
Thierry Godelle
The rising demand on one hand and tight budgets on the other hand create a challenge to the sustainability in healthcare systems.
Thierry Godelle
The real power comes from combining science with technology and data analytics, because now we are capable of creating, leveraging and deploying more data than ever before.
Martin Dewhurst
The future of the Russian healthcare is a partnership between the government and business in developing new highly innovative therapies not only to cater the needs of Russian internal demand but also for export.
Frederik Paulsen