Innovation as a Method

27 May , 10:30–18:00
Museums, locations around St. Petersburg, exhibitions

Artists working with innovative artistic language will present works in which the interrelation of artistic thought, new physical materials, and technological processes is examined. Among the themes addressed by participants in the exhibition are artificial intelligence, quantum technologies, and blockchain.
Some of the works have been created in cooperation with a number of scientific laboratories. These include joint projects between: Dmitri Gutov and the Russian Quantum Centre (Moscow), Pavel Pepperstein and the ChemRar High-Tech Centre (Moscow), and Kostya Novoselov and the National Graphene Institute (Manchester).
Artists: Kevin Abosch (US), Siebren Versteeg (US), Dmitri Gutov (Russia), Dmitry Kawarga (Russia), Egor Kraft (Russia), the Where Dogs Run creative collective (Russia), Misha MOST (Russia), Kostya Novoselov (UK), Pavel Pepperstein (Russia), Daniel Rozin (US), Martha Fiennes (UK), Bjoern Schuelke (Germany), and Stain (Russia).
Dmitry Ozerkov (The State Hermitage Museum), Victoria Kondrashova (RDI. Creative Company).
The exhibition will be open until 3 June 2018

A ticket to the State Hermitage Museum, purchased at the museum’s ticket offices, will grant automatic access to this exhibition.