Modern Approaches to Marketing: How to Build Effective Consumer Relations

26 May , 15:00–15:45
International Youth Economic Forum
Lectures by the St. Petersburg State University Graduate School of Management
Pavilion G, Conference Hall G3

Consumer interaction remains one of marketing’s key focuses. The attention of marketing experts has traditionally been trained on people in their twenties, who represent the new generation of consumers. After spending the last five years working with millennials, marketers’ attention has very recently shifted to generation Z. Studying these young people will provide clues about the next consumer generation, and also make it possible to predict the behaviour of older people who are adapting to new technology. Marketers are also interested in modern technologies which allow them to communicate more effectively with the end consumer, providing each individual with as tailor-made a message as possible. What technologies are marketers using in the modern world? How are successful marketing campaigns created? What are the most promising marketing channels and tools? What qualities and skills will a successful marketer need to possess in five years’ time?

Maria Smirnova, Head of the Department of Marketing, St. Petersburg University Graduate School of Management (GSOM)

Viktor Shkipin, Head of the Marketing and Advertising Department, VTB Bank