The ‘Faceless’ Immersive Show

06 Jun , 18:30–21:45
Theatrical performances, concerts

‘Faceless’ is an alternate reality theatrical performance. There are no stages or curtains, and the main character is played by the viewer themselves.
In this immersive performance, theatregoers become a part of the action, space, and atmosphere and interact with characters that will help them seek answers to their innermost questions.
‘Faceless’ takes place over four floors of an over 300-year-old mansion in the heart of St. Petersburg.
Viewers will have the chance to meet 16 characters, traverse over 50 rooms, and, most importantly, see one of three simultaneous endings.
The script of ‘Faceless’ was inspired by the play ‘Ghosts’ by the playwright Henrik Ibsen. The performance is a prequel, describing the strange happenings that occurred five hours before the events of the play.
Directors: Migel, Mia Zanette.

A ticket is required to attend the performance and can be ordered via the personal web office.

Participants are responsible for covering the price of attendance.