Literary and monographic exhibition ‘Alexander Pushkin: His Life and Work’

08 Jun , 10:30–17:00
Museums, exhibitions

The halls of the literary and monographic exhibition ‘A. S. Pushkin: His Life and Work’ feature the famous ‘Portrait of Alexander Pushkin’ by Vasily Tropinin, depictions of the poet and his contemporaries made during their lifetimes, first editions of his works, memorial items, and a miniature replica of the Naschokin House. The Green Hall contains the exhibition ‘Portraits of A. S. Pushkin,’ which features over 100 paintings, graphic representations, and sculptures from the museum's vast collection. The exhibition includes Pushkin’s sketches from the margins of his manuscripts, famous portraits of the poet by contemporaries such as Vasily Tropinin and Karl Bryullov, and works by the great masters of the late 19th to 20th centuries, including Ilya Repin, Ivan Aivazovsky, Valentin Serov, Konstantin Somov, Boris Kustodiev, Vasili Shukhaev, Paolo Troubetzkoy, Mikhail Anikushin, and others.

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