Seeing What's Important Through the Prism of Art. How to Broach Socially Significant Topics From a Different Perspective

06 Jun , 14:35–15:15
Pavilion G, Innosocium LAB

Art has a tremendous impact on the life of society and each individual. It reflects in artistic images the reality that surrounds us and serves to uphold society’s cultural level, forming our world views and upbringing. That is why cultural and educational projects are increasingly taking on the task of addressing socially important issues and attracting people’s attention.
‒ What is the role of the cultural sector in solving socially significant problems? How can cultural projects change a person’s attitude? What is being done now and what is the development trend in this area in the future?
‒ Is it necessary to hold separate cultural events that will affect socially significant topics?
‒ How can representatives of the arts sphere interact with business and NGOs to draw attention to important issues?

Semyon Mikhaylovskiy, Rector, St Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts

Anton Belov, General Director, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art
Ксения Gorlevaya, Executive Director, Directorate of the St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum
Innokentiy Dementyev, Deputy General Director, Presidential Grants Foundation
Kseniya Dmitrieva, Head of Programm Special View, Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation
Stanislav Kasparov, Director for Business Support Provision in Regions of Operations, SIBUR
Ekaterina Kruglova, Managing Director, Memory of Generations Charity Foundation
Mikhail Myagkov, Scientific Director, All-Russian Public-Government Organisation RUSSIAN MILITARY HISTORICAL SOCIETY
Natalia Poppel, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility and Brand Directorate, Severstal