Russia–North America

04 Jun , 12:00–13:15
Business Dialogue
Passage in zone G, Passage Hall

The international system and its main participants, including Russia and countries in North America, are currently facing a number of serious challenges. In addition to already established limiting factors, such as geopolitical instability and trade limitations and restrictions, the world is now facing phenomena such as climate change and related natural catastrophes, new rapidly spreading infections, as well as the consequences of measures taken to counteract these new threats. All of these factors have a negative effect on the structure of economic ties and the prospects of trade and investment cooperation, destabilizing the financial and stock markets and threatening global supply chains. That said, cooperation in addressing these problems for the common good can both reveal new opportunities for implementing specific business projects and contribute to the development of new constructive modalities and vectors for Russian – North American cooperation. Potential areas of cooperation include various aspects of sustainable development, including healthcare, climate change and environmental protection, cooperation in the Arctic, the Asia-Pacific region, and third country markets, food security, and supporting global financial stability. Collaborating in areas of mutual interest can increase trust, which in turn can create the conditions necessary to overcome negative external barriers. Those positive effects can then spill over to other cooperation sectors and turn crises into opportunities. How are global business leaders reacting to the rapid changes in doing business in this new reality? What can be done to minimize risks in the context of bilateral and multilateral cooperation? Which objectives and geopolitical and environmental challenges can and should be addressed together and which sectors are currently the most relevant and promising for international cooperation?

Alexis Rodzianko, President, American Chamber of Commerce in Russia
David Iakobachvili, President, Orion Heritage

Andrey Bugrov, Senior Vice President for Sustainable Development, Norilsk Nickel
Sergey Kravchenko, President, Boeing Russia/CIS
Tim Myers, Chief Executive Officer, Arconic Corporation
Ekaterina Pogodina, Managing Director, Janssen, the Pharmaceutical Division of Johnson & Johnson, Russia & CIS, General Director, Johnson & Johnson LLC
Daniel Russell, President, Chief Executive Officer, US–Russia Business Council (USRBC)
Lorenzo Simonelli, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Baker Hughes Company
Zakhar Smushkin, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ilim Group
Boris Titov, Presidential Commissioner of the Russian Federation for the Protection of Entrepreneurs’ Rights
Nathan Hunt, Chairman of the Moscow Board, Canada Eurasia Russia Business Association (CERBA)
Vladislav Shapsha, Governor of Kaluga Region

Front row participants
Markus Gebauer, Regional Manager for Middle East and Eurasia, Caterpillar Eurasia & Middle East
Alexander Sharabaika, Member of the Management Board, Deputy General Director for Finance and International Projects, PhosAgro
Barry Sheridan, Chairman of the Board, American Express Bank LLC