Career Development Pathways for a Young Scientist: Science, Business, or Technological Entrepreneurship. New Opportunities for Growth on the Way to Knowledge Economy

05 Jun , 14:00–15:15
International Youth Economic Forum
Pavilion G, conference hall G3

At this time, there are certain stereotypes about a scientist’s work and the opportunities for their professional growth that, to a large extent, are tied to how Russian science worked throughout the 20th century. However, in the current economic environment, taking into account the objectives set by the leadership of the country of increasing the real contribution made by science to creating high-tech products and services, the operational mode of scientists has changed radically. Development of a number of high-tech industries increases the demand for innovative solutions by business and creates a new market for early research, commercial R&D, and innovative startups. Powerful in-house R&D centres were created and continue to grow that need highly qualified researchers and developers. There is now an opportunity for universities and research centres to create and grow their own startups, which can independently commercialize research results. There are several options for a young scientist. They can go to work for a company, become a research partner, or open their own startup; or maybe they could combine all of these? Each path has its own advantages and disadvantages, its own prospects and restrictions. How can one make an intelligent choice and what skills does a young scientist need to be successful?

Vadim Tarasov, Director, Institute of Translational Medicine and Biotechnology

Aleksandra Glazkova, Deputy General Director for Organizational Development, URALCHEM
Boris Korobets, First Vice Rector and Vice Rector for Research and Strategic Development, Bauman Moscow State Technical University
Nikita Marchenkov, Acting Head, Kurchatov Complex for Synchrotron and Neutron Investigations, Kurchatov Institute National Research Centre
Ivan Ozhgikhin, Senior Managing Director, Business Development Center RUSNANO Management Company; Chairman of the Board, Medical Technology Consortium
Mikhail Samsonov, Chief Medical Officer, R Pharm
Olga Tarasova, Chairperson, Youth Council, All-Russian Society of Inventors and Rationalizers