Eco-Entrepreneurship as a Driver of Growth in the Green Economy

05 Jun , 16:00–17:15
International Youth Economic Forum
Pavilion G, conference hall G5

A country’s green growth strategy encompasses both socioeconomic and ecological development, with eco-entrepreneurship playing an essential role. In recent years, the government has taken major steps to tackle environmental issues through social entrepreneurship, and young people in particular are increasingly becoming involved in the development of eco-friendly companies. What government measures are needed to foster an ecosystem which is conducive to social and ecological development, and also supports young eco-entrepreneurs? What would be the most effective ways to support youth employment in the sector? What aspects of international experience in fostering eco-initiatives could be applied in various areas of the economy, including agriculture, alternative energy, forestry management, tourism and others?

Elmurod Rasulmukhamedov, First Deputy Chairman, Central Council, All-Russian Society of Nature Conservation

Yevgenia Gladkina, Entrepreneur, researcher, biohacker; Founder, Healthy Marathon
Alexander Kobenko, Chairman, Recycling Committee, Delovaya Rossiya
Pia Haapea, Principal Lecturer, Faculty of Energy and Environmental Technology, LAB University of Applied Sciences (online)
Alexey Chekhranov, Founder, Smart Sreda
Alexander Yagupov, Deputy Director for Science and Development, Biomicrogel

Front row participants
Georgy Kavanosyan, Blogger, hydrogeologist
Bulyash Todaeva, Co-founder,; expert in plastic recycling
Anna Chigarina, Head, Corporate Social Responsibility Office, Urban Renovations All-Russian Organization