Investing in Health: Effective Cooperation between Business and Society

18 Jun , 08:30–10:30
Business Breakfast
Congress Centre, conference hall E12
(by invitation only)

A country’s economy is directly dependent on the condition of the healthcare system and the ability to follow strategies to achieve national goals, to remain steadily resilient to any challenges, and to provide the country with a capable workforce. However, effective healthcare is a long-term investment in economic development if it does not impose an economic burden on the country’s GDP and is aimed at preserving the health of the nation. Strategies for building a healthy society are based on the principles of constructive cooperation between the state, socially oriented business, and the society itself, which shares health’s values as a measure that prevents the development of socially significant diseases. How can we achieve a balance between the interests of the state and business for the development of quality healthcare, so that it would be beneficial to the economy and society? How can the resources of the business community be attracted to the development of national patient-centered healthcare and create a comfortable environment for the development of public-private partnerships in healthcare? What decisions can have a positive impact on the development of socially responsible business in the country? What state strategies should contribute to the creation of a society that shares health’s values within a country?

Aleksandr Petrov, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Medicines, Development of the Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry, Committee of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation on Health Protection

Timur Akhmerov, General Director, BARS Group
Petr Belyy, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Promomed Group
Sergey Glagolev, Deputy Minister of Health of the Russian Federation
Dmitry Zemskov, Executive Director, Biochemist
Aleksey Kedrin, Chairman of the Board, Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU)
Vadim Kovalev, First Deputy Executive Director, Russian Managers Association
Natalia Prokopieva, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Evalar
Mikhail Tsyferov, President, Member of the Board of Directors, Petrovax Pharm
Vladimir Shipkov, Executive Director, Association of International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (AIPM)
Lyudmila Scherbakova, Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Velpharm