New World Games: Prospects for the Development of the Gaming Industry

18 Jun , 10:00–11:15
Modern Technology for Humanity: Building a Responsible Future
Congress Centre, conference hall B3

Today’s Russian gaming market is worth RUB 170 billion (15th in globally) and is home to 80 million gamers who play for three hours a day, which is comparable to traditional media channels in terms of audience volume and time spent. Gaming is the new generation’s television, and eSports is a huge industry with thousands of stars and millions of viewers. The current market situation – the departure of big players and monetization problems – opens up opportunities to consolidate projects and create new growth points in premium game segments and opportunities to enter foreign markets. What challenges and opportunities await the Russian gaming and eSports market? How can an effective support system for the producers of games be created in the new reality? What are some ways the government can help gaming in Russia? What support can be shown for eSports development? What kind of regulation and benefits does the market need? What can be done for investments and product markets?

Alexey Goreslavsky, Director General, ANO "Internet Development Institute" (IRI)

Sergey Demchev, General Director, Magic Factory Animation (online)
Alexei Koptsev, General Director, Cyberia Limited (online)
Nikolay Petrossian, Chief Executive Officer, ESforce Holding
Dmitry Smith, President, Russian eSports Federation (ReSF Russia)
Igor Stolyarov, Head, Game of the Future 2024 Project
Vitaly Terlyuk, General Director, Siridar LLC
Egor Tomsky, General Director, WATT STUDIO (online)
Artem Chermenin, Director of Strategic Development, VK Play