Science Fest

In 2020, St. Petersburg will, for the first time, host the SCIENCE FEST organized by the Roscongress Foundation.

The event will take place at three venues: Planetarium 1, the largest one in the world; open technology lab at the planetarium; and Lumiere Hall exhibition space. The main themes of the Festival will be artificial intelligence, green economy, futurism, industry 4.0, scientific-technical creativity of youth, selection and financing of tech projects.

The SCIENCE FEST programme will feature a cyborg conference, passenger drone test drives, driverless car races, installations and many more. Around 50 speakers from 20 countries will take part in lectures, workshops and roundtables, among them world-class experts participating in SPIEF.

Guests will also enjoy a vast musical programme: five hours of non-stop music that is played by residents of the Burning Man festival and a headliner’s performance whose name is kept secret for now.


Dmitry Sryvkov

Head of the Innovative Projects Directorate

 +7 (495) 640 4440, доб. 340