The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed: On the Path to Sustainable Development through a Dialogue Between Government and Business

05 Jun , 12:00–13:30
Partner Events
Pavilion G, conference hall G5

Sustainable development of territories is a major item on the agenda of states around the world and influencing the strategic priorities of their development. The environment, economy and social sector are also becoming key components. The concept of the balanced development of these components cannot be put into action without effective interaction between the government and business. Different industries take different paths in building such a dialogue. The faster a particular industry develops, the more adaptive the model of interaction between the state and business should be. The session will address the most effective patterns of interaction between the commercial and public sectors based on the example of the event industry as one of the most rapidly developing sectors in the world. What steps need to be taken to build the most effective model for the sustainable development of territories? Can the event industry become a component for such a concept? What does the industry expect from representatives of the federal and regional authorities? What joint actions are needed to attract major international events to the regions? What social and economic impact does the event industry have on the development of territories? What are the most effective formats for the government and business interaction in the event industry? What is the role of public institutions and organizations in these processes?

Dmitry Gornostayev, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Rossiya Segodnya

Elif Balci Fisunoglu, Regional Director (Europe), International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA)
Alexey Gospodarev, Director of International Cooperation Department, Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation
Vladimir Dmitriev, Vice President, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation
Alexey Kalachev, Chief Executive Officer, Russia Convention Bureau
Elena Semenova, Deputy Chairman, Russian-German Chamber of Commerce; General Director, Phoenix Contact Russia
Henrik von Arnold, Senior Consultant, ENITED Business Events; External Lecturer, MODUL University Vienna

Front row participant
Tatiana Anisimova, Head of communication, CSR Foundation